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Cycle News Issue #20

May 20, 2009

Crazy!  I attended the Las Vegas Supercross earlier this month, and decided, the night before the race to attend the MiniMoto Supercross.  Earlier that day, I attended a dealer showcase held by Parts Unlimited, and showed up to the MiniMoto Supercross late, however with my Canon 5D Mark II in hand.  I was one of probably 30 photographers on the floor shooting the exciting race, but as you’ll see in the printscreens below, I was the only photographer who’s photos were used for the story Jean Turner wrote on the race for Cycle News!  Thanks Jean!  For more information on Cycle News visit It is the industry’s ONLY weekly magazine that delivers the latest up-to-date news and results.  For more information on the race, visit


Dirt Rider July Issue

May 18, 2009

I just read the online issue of Dirt Rider Magazine and was pleased to find 4 of my images from this past season of Supercross in there along as my name listed as a contributing photographer.  I’m getting published more and more, and really pumped, especially to see in my images in such a highly regarded magazine like Dirt Rider.  I have circled my contributions in the print screens below:




Las Vegas Supercross

May 11, 2009

Two weekends ago I travelled to Las Vegas to shoot the final round of AMA Supercross racing.  It was an exciting race and it was great to see James Stewart win the championship!  Below are some of my favorite photos…more can be seen here.





Trey Canard

Ivan Tedesco

Nick Wey


James Stewart

Chad Reed

Ryan Dungey


Stewart's team waiting anxiously for him to take the checkers and the championship

Stewart's team waiting anxiously for him to take the checkers and the championship


Hillary and Presly

May 6, 2009

Not only is Hillary a great photographer and AWESOME to work with, she’s a GREAT friend.  For the short time I’ve known her I feel like I’ve become a part of her family.  Naturally, a few weeks ago, when she asked me to shoot some photos of her and her daughter Presly I said “absolutely.”  Here are some shots of Hillary and P.