McKenzie + Ryan: River Grove Hailey, ID Wedding

August 1, 2014

Wow, McKenzie and Ryan.  There are soo many words to describe this couple and their wedding, but not enough space on my server!  Since I didn’t know WHERE to begin in describing McKenzie and Ryan’s day, I thought I’d ask McKenzie a few questions, and add a few notes of mine :)

Q: Why did you and Ryan choose to get married at River Grove?
A: Ryan’s parents have run River Grove since it was established in 1982, so the farm truly is home to Ryan. As a kid he used to disappear for hours fishing and playing around the farm. When Ryan and I met, I could see how much the farm was a part of him (and a part of our dog Hank). There was no question that we would get married there and it truly was an honor for both of us. (River Grove is also home to Brentina, an Olympic medalist dressage horse ridden by Ryan’s Mother, Debbie McDonald. The two together are named the first ladies of American Dressage)

Q: You walked down the aisle together, something I have never witnessed before, what is the reason behind that?

A. Ryan and I have been together for four years and we really have built a wonderful life together already. It only made sense that we walk down the aisle together as we took the next big step together. Q. Tell me about your dress, and how you re purposed your debutant ball gown. A: I grew up in Seattle and had the privilege of participating in a Debutante Ball when I was 18. Because of this, I already technically had a wedding gown when I got engaged. I wanted to use it in some way, partly because it was a gift from my grandmother and had sentimental value. I decided to cut the dress off at the knees, primarily because there was no way I could make it through the night wearing a full length dress, but also because I wanted to show off my fabulous new cowboy boots. I then had a more traditional lace ballgown skirt made to go over the dress for the ceremony. That way I could have my bridal moment early on and get to relax and have fun afterwards. 4. Vendors, who were they? We used an assortment of vendors from the Boise and SV area. We also got a little creative when it came to our flowers and wedding attire.

2nd Photographer: Kat Smith
Wedding Planner: Ashley Dyer
Hair/Makeup: Geri Lynn McElhinny from Salon 117
Band: Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats
2nd Photographer: Kat Smith
Flowers: Our families pulled together an assortment of potted plants and Babies Breath to decorate the ceremony and reception areas.  As for the bouquets, we made
them!  I went to Atkinson's the morning of the wedding to pick out some additional flowers, primarily for my bouquet, to supplement the Babies Breath.  A fabulous friend, Alex Jackson, came to the rental house the morning of the wedding, to teach and help the bridesmaids build all of our bouquets.
Food: Rib Shack Catering ... Eagle, ID casual and delicious BBQ
Cake: Atkinson's whipped up a delicious Lemon Cake the day of the wedding.  It was simple and beautiful.
Wedding Party: For the Bridesmaids, the only requirement was that they wear a green-ish dress.  The Groomsmen were given vests and ties and asked to wear dark jeans and boots.  Everyone ended up looking so great together, it couldn't have
worked out better.

There is an advantage of having the groomsmen hanging around as I’m taking photos…they hold back branches in the way :)

Additional notes from the bride: Best memory that I wish we had Kristin at the rehearsal dinner: Ryan and I walked down the aisle with our dog Hank. After taking our places, Hank started making awful noises right in the middle of the aisle and to our surprise proceeded to throw up all of his dinner. We were all practically crying it was so funny. Needless to say, we wrapped up our rehearsal a minute or two later.